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QwikCheck™ Gold Automated Sperm Quality Analyzer



Product Overview

The QwikCheck™ Gold Equine automated semen analyzer is designed specifically for breeders that want fast and accurate semen analysis for dosing (Raw mode) and quality control (Cooled and Extended modes).  The system delivers precise and objective result within minutes, is easy to use by simply following screen menus, and is economical.

Test Results

The QwikCheck™ Gold reports Sperm Concentration, Sperm Motility, Progressive Motility, Normal Morphology, Velocity, and more in less than 2 minutes. Dosing can be accurately performed by Total: # of sperm (concentration), # motile or # progressively motile sperm per dose by following simple interactive screen menus. Test results are printed to a label for sample tracking and can be archived to your PC

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SQA-Ve™ Automated Sperm Quality Analyzer



Product Overview

The SQA-Ve™ is an analytical veterinary device that performs a complete quantitative evaluation of equine semen in about 2 minutes.  This high performance, user-friendly system will standardize processes, enhance through-put and increase the accuracy and quality of dose preparation for raw, extended, and cooled samples.  Reported parameters include Concentration, Motility, Progressive Motility, Velocity, Morphology, and More. 

E-Sperm™ Data Manager

The SQA-Ve™ Automated Semen Analyzer is sold complete with a PC and E-Sperm data management software.  Combined, the SQA-Ve™ and E-Sperm™ are a great solution for large breeding and AI programs.

NOTE: This system is currently not available in the US. 

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QwikCheck™ QC Equine 




Product Overview

The QwikCheck™ QC Equine is designed for horse owners and Vets who inseminate mares and want to QC semen samples. The system reports Concentration, Motility, and more in cooled and extended samples.

NOTE: This system is currently not available in the US. 

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