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SQA-Vp™ (Pig)/P-Sperm™ User Reference Materials:

  SQA-Vp™/P-Sperm™ User Guide

  SQA-Vp™/P-Sperm™ Brochure

  SQA-Vp™/P-Sperm™ Product Performance Data

  SQA-Vp™/P-Sperm™ Technical Specifications

QwikCheck™ Gold (Pig) and QwikCheck™ QC (Pig) User Reference Materials:

  QwikCheck™ Gold (Pig) User Guide

  QwikCheck™ Gold (Pig) Brochure

  QwikCheck™ QC (Pig) User Guide

  QwikCheck™ QC (Pig) Brochure

Advanced Agricultural Technologies (A-Tech) Porcine Field Trials, Studies, & Research:

  Advanced Agricultural Technologies SQA-Vp™ (Pig) Field Trails

  Advanced Agricultural Technologies / IMV France Clinical Trial (from 2007)

  SQA-Vp™ Automated Sperm Quality Analyzer Vs. Computer Aided Semen Analysis (CASA) Instrumentation

  University of Ghent Abstract - SQA-Vp™ Vs. Hamilton Thorne™ CASA System

  A-Tech & MES Technology Articles (many)

  SQA-Vp™ Automated Semen Analyzer for Pigs Compared to Standard Laboratory Practices

  Pig World SQA-Vp™ Article and Summary

  Prairie State Semen Sales (PSSS) Catalog

Additional Reference and Instructional Materials:

  SQA-Vp™ Working Instructions (Quick Reference Sheet)

  Testing Capillary Washing/Drying Instructions (Animal Applications Only)