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QwikCheck Gold Automated Sperm Quality Analyzer Beta trial begins at Arabians Ltd

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Arabians Ltd. Veterinary Technician Jenna Johnson and Breeding Manager Stephane Robillard


Arabians Ltd. is excited to have been chosen to be a beta test site for a new equine semen analyzer not yet available on the market, the QwikCheck Gold™ Sperm Analyzer. We are the only site in Texas and one of only 4 places in the country chosen for this honor by the global company Medical Electronic Systems (MES).

One of the other 3 US beta test sites is our affiliate farm, Amethyst Acres in Virginia! It’s great to be able to compare notes in regards to sample quality from our production center with a receiving farm at 24 and 48 hours. Amethyst’s breeding expert Mark Burke provides us valuable information, including how well the semen traveled across the country.

Breeding Manager Stephane Robillard and Veterinary Technician Jenna Johnson have already put the machine to work in this busy breeding season.

MES’ A-Tech (agricultural) division has created this analyzer, which offers us many advances in our Breeding Division. It enables us to provide better-than-ever semen quality for our clients with exact dosage, which we simply could not provide in the past without such technology. It eliminates all guess work and provides us with two values we did not have before, morphology and velocity.

Specifically, the analyzer offers us:

1.  Total motility in percentage (how many sperm cells are moving vs not moving), which could only be estimated by an educated guess before.

2.  Progressive motility in percentage (of all the cells that are moving, which are swimming in a straight line), which could only be estimated by an educated guess before.

3.  Concentration test (how many sperm cell in a milliliter of semen)

4.  Volume of semen calculation (how many millileters of semen are needed to achieve a conception based on the pre-determined requirements)

5.  Dosage of semen and extender calculation (how much is needed for shipping and insemination dose based on current analysis)

6.  Velocity (how vigorous and at what speed are the cells swimming)

7.  Morphology (what percentage of sperm cells are normal/complete and capable of fertilizing the ovum)

MES’ Eric Carver with Arabians Ltd. Veterinary Technician Jenna Johnson and Breeding Manager Stephane Robillard.

Thank you to MES’ Gabe Deutsch and Eric Carver for their assistance, and to Eric for spending a day in our lab, training us on the new equipment.  We are excited about the opportunity to continue to provide great service to our Breeding Division clients! It is so gratifying to see the foals that result from this work.

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