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CECNA | Gen-Diffusion Letter of Recommendation

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

To Whom it may concern,

RE: SQA-Vb™ and B-Sperm™ Analyzer for Bulls

CECNA is a French cooperative group belonging to the Gen-Diffusion organization.  CECNA covers a total of more than 60,000 artificial inseminations annually and is also responsible  for the selection of bulls based on their genetics  and reproductive capacities (sperm quality).  CECNA is dedicated to Charolais (pure breed).

in 2009, the Company established a mobile lab in order to be able to collect and  freeze samples directly on the farm throughout our territory which includes the following departments: Loiret (45), Cher (18), Yonne (89), Aude (10), Seine and Marne (77), and Nievre (58).

For that purpose, we solicited the assistance of various companies including MES-Europe [A-Tech] to help in the  design of the lab which allowed us to incorporate the SQA-Vb system and the B-Sperm software into the truck-lab.

Currently our mobile lab is equipped with the  SQA-Vb and B-Sperm software and this combination gives us  the capacity to test samples in a reproducible manner, and allows us to keep track of all data collected in the field.

The introduction of the system was a major step in the upgrade of our quality control process and the robustness of this instrument gave us the possibility to install it in our truck for daily use.

In addition, the knowhow of the MES team gave us the capacity to increase the number  of procedures we can perform, to standardize them and to become more efficient by saving time and money.

Personally, I find that this technology gives reliable sperm concentration, motility, and morphology results, is easy to integrate into our daily routine and gives our lab manager a feeling of security since he cannot always be present when procedures are performed.  Due to this instrument however we can always rely on the results!

I would definitely recommend this technology to any bovine AI center, even where difficult sample handling conditions exist.  This system also allows high throughput and does not compromise the security of the sample being measured.

I would be grad to provide additional information to anyone interested in obtaining it.


Pierrick DREVILLION, Msc. EU. Eng



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