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Sion AI Stud Fertility Trial | Dosing by Progressive Sperm

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A-Tech (Advanced Agricultural Technologies), in cooperation with SION Bull Stud (Israel) began a fertility trial in mid 2008.  Our SQA-Vb Automated Semen Analyzer was used to prepare AI doses based on total sperm concentration and different levels of progressively motile sperm concentration in order to better understand the benefits of dosing based on progressively motile sperm vs. total sperm in a production setting.  10,000 frozen straws were prepared using the SQA-Vb system's dosing instructions.  The straws were divided into the following categories: 2,500 straws prepared with 15 million total sperm, 2,500 straws prepared with 1.5 million progressively motile sperm, 2,500 straws prepared with 3.5 million progressively motile sperm and 2,500 straws prepared with 7 million progressively motile sperm.  After freezing, the straws were then run on the quality control (frozen) mode of the SQA-Vb analyzer to insure dose quality and survivability.  Thousands of cows from multiple dairies throughout Israel participated in the study and now the data from this trial is being evaluated for impact on fertility. The data assessment phase is scheduled for completion in Q3, 2009.  Please stay tuned for the results - it should be quite an eye opener.

For an overview of the first two phases of the trial (validating the SQA-Vb and preparing the straws) please review this presentation made by A-Tech Global's chief Veterinarian Dr. Uri Shalit at last years Theriogenology conference in St Louis:


For more information on the SQA-Vb and our other Bovine automated semen analyzers, please visit our Bull products section HERE

Equine QwikCheck™ Systems Debut at Western States Horse Expo

Friday, June 12, 2009

A-Tech was proud to debut our new line of QwikCheck™ Semen Analyzers at the Western States Horse Expo in Sacramento California.  Interest was high for the new systems and the A-Tech staff enjoyed teaching people about the advantages of automation.  Mare owners entering into the world of breeding found great value in our QwikCheck™ QC device, which allows them to quickly and objectively report sperm concentration, motility and progressive motility in their purchased doses.  Those who collect stallions can  take advantage of our QwikCheck™ Gold system which accurately analyzes Raw, Extended, Cooled, and Frozen semen.  A few young ladies stopped by the booth to pose in some A-Tech hats (see picture below).  Spirits were high at the Western States Horse Expo and A-Tech was proud to showcase our new Automated Semen Analyzers.

For more information on the QwikCheck™ QC device for Stallions or the QwikCheck™ GOLD device for Stallions click HERE

Some young ladies from the show wearing promotional hats: 


For more information on the Equine SQA product line, please visit our Equine Section HERE.

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